The Adversaries


The world of Terra-Quenlist is in a perilous situation. 


After a thousand years of peace and goodness, an eerie eclipse has produced a threat to Terra – a world of darkness called Chaos, ruled by an even darker man named Helius Rue.


With the stability of Terra and its people now in jeopardy, it is up to the good emperor, Gavin Moonstone, to stop the evil that threatens Terra’s very existence.


The race is on to stop a fated prophecy and to prevent Helius from fulfilling his insatiable quest for power.  Armed with immense magic, courage, and undying faith in the Light, can Gavin and some newfound friends stop Helius’s plans of conquest before it is too late?


Or has the fate of Terra-Quenlist already been sealed?

I just couldn't put it down!  I was so excited, after all these years, to see the original story given new life with the same fantastic characters I remembered!

S. Anderson


From start to finish, both stories leave you at the edge of your seat...wanting more.

D. Smith



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